Published in Acta Didactica Napocensia, volume 3 number 2, 1 June 2010


Using a Managerial Analogy for Making Mathematics More Attractive

Jozef Hvorecký, Vysoká škola manažmentu v Trenčíne, Bratislava, Slovakia


Abstract: In many countries, Mathematics is among the least popular school subjects. Educators are spending a lot of time in searching methods that could change this unfortunate situation. The author, a lecturer at a School of Management, discusses the issue as a managerial problem.

First, the popularity of mathematics is analyzed as a marketing problem. Marketing theories recommend increasing the market choice as a way of attracting more customers. Our first goal is therefore to expand the variety of problems. To do so, we consider Knowledge Management concepts to demonstrate an imbalance between tacit and explicit knowledge in traditional courses. Currently used educational methodologies favour the latter one. Examples of the approaches that might increase learners’ tacit knowledge are our second goal.

Keywords: popularity of Mathematics; marketing problem.



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