Volume 9 Number 3

Published: 30 November 2016

Responsible Editor: Ioana Magdaș




Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Reflections on Teaching after their First Teaching Experience, Gönül Yazgan-Sağ, Elçin Emre-Akdoğan, Ziya Argün, 1-10

Some components of Geometric Knowledge of Future elementary School Teachers, Edith Debrenti, 11-20

Modelling Difficulties and Their Overcoming Strategies in the Solution of a Modelling Problem, Ayşe Tekin Dede, 21-34

Examining primary pre-service teachers’ perspectives on teaching practice courses, Savas Basturk, 35-46

Primary School Teachers’ Opinion on Digital Textbooks, Ioana Magdaş, Maria-Carmen Drîngu, 47-54

Development of a Culture Specific Critical Thinking Ability Test and Using It as a Supportive Diagnostic Test for Giftedness, Mustafa Serdar Köksal, 55-66

Understandıng effectiveness in school administration: A dıscourse analysis, Hilal Büyükgöze, 67-76