Volume 9 Number 2

Published: 8 August 2016

Responsible Editor: Liliana Ciascai, Iuliana Zsoldos-Marchis




The winning number: an heuristic approach with the Geogebra´s help, Francisco Regis Vieira Alves, 1-12

How to Implement an E-learning Curriculum to Streamline Teaching Digital Image Processing, Sándor Király, 13-22

Javascript library for developing interactive micro-level animations for teaching and learning algorithms on one-dimensional arrays, Ladislav Végh, 23-32

Assessment of the Opinions and Practices of Student Teachers on Micro-Teaching as a Teaching Strategy, Ali Göçer, 33-46

Is the fear of ‘being wrong’ a barrier for effective communication between students and professors?  A survey study at Babes-Bolyai University Romania, Mihaela Hrisa Florescu, Irina Pop-Păcurar, 47-66

Personal Professional Development Efforts Scale for Science and Technology Teachers Regarding their Fields, Ayşegül Bilgin, Mustafa Zafer Balbağ, 67-78

Why do Secondary School Chemistry Teachers Engage in Long-Term Outreach Partnership with a University?, S.R. Glover, T.G. Harrison, D.E. Shallcross, 79-97