Volume 9 Number 1

Published: 31 May 2016

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Zsoldos-Marchis




Introduction to Classroom Sprego, Mária Csernoch, Piroska Biró

How to Teach Programming Indirectly– Using Spreadsheet Application, Zsuzsanna Szalayné Tahy

Demonstration the class, object and inheritance concepts by software, József Udvaros, Miklós Gubán

Primary student teachers’ perspectives of the teaching of fractions, Savaş Baştürk

The MATH – Open Source Application for Easier Learning of Numerical Mathematics, Henrich Glaser-Opitz, Kristína Budajová

A study into the design of a pre-laboratory software resource in effectively assisting in the chemistry proficiency of students of chinese origin undertaking post 16 chemistry in the UK, Saskia Katarina Emily O’Sullivan and Timothy Guy Harrison