Volume 8 Number 4

Published: 30 December 2015

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Zsoldos-Marchis




Understanding Algorithms in Different Presentations, Mária Csernoch, Piroska Biró, Kálmán Abari, János Máth, 1-12

Perceptions of Private College Teachers of Karachi about the Curriculum Prescribed by Sindh Bureau of Curriculum (BOC), Talat Jehan Syeda, 13-22

Content Analysis of Chemistry Curricula in Germany Case study: Chemical Reactions, Roxana S. Timofte, 23-32

Teaching RLC parallel circuits in high-school Physics class, Alpár Simon, 33-46

A Comparative Study of Learning Strategies Used by Romanian and Hungarian Preuniversity Students in Science Learning, Mónika Lingvay, Roxana S. Timofte, Liliana Ciascai, Constantin Predescu, 47-54

A Student Teacher’s Choice and Use of Examples in Teaching Probability, Semiha Kula Ünver, Esra Bukova Güzel, Ayşe Tekin Dede, Çağlar Naci Hidiroğlu, 55-70