Volume 7 Number 4

Published: 30 December 2014

Guest Editors: Gianina Ana Masari, Elena Seghedin, Constantin Petrovici, Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty, Alexadru Ioan Cuza Univesity, Iasi, Romania


The papers included in this number are extended versions of the presentations given at the First International Conference on Professional Development of Teachers from Kindergarten and Primary School (ICPDTKPS), Iași, Romania, 15-18 November 2012.



Motivation for teaching career of students from early childhood education and primary school pedagogy, Gianina-Ana Massari

Rewards and punishments role in teacher-student relationship from the mentor’s perspective, Claudiu Langa

From the teachers professional ethics to the personal professional responsibility, Elena Seghedin

In the wake of method, Anca Cehan

Student satisfaction and its implications in the process of teaching, Alina Ciobanu, Livia Ostafe

Professional Satisfaction of Teachers from Kindergarten. Preliminary Study, Valerica Anghelache

To Assess the Efficiency of the Way in Which the Psycho-Pedagogical Studies Programme is Organised in Universities, from a Curricular and Administrative Point of View in Romania, Laura Șerbănescu