Volume 6 Number 4

Published: 30 December 2013

Responsible Editor: Liliana Ciascai




The Challenges faced by Science teachers when teaching outside their specific Science Specialism, Doreen Mizzi

The impact of the university education for an it career in Cluj-Napoca city, Ioana Magdaş, Alexandru Brad, Daniela Cristea, Otilia Alexandra Pop, Adina Radu, Nicoleta Sicoe

The impact of teachers’ participation in eTwinning on their teaching and training, Gabriela Ileana Crişan

What specific science abilities and skills are Romanian students developing during Primary education? A comparison with the abilities tested by the TIMSS 2011 inquiry, Liliana Ciascai, Maria-Eliza Dulamă

Viewing the roots of polynomial functions in complex variable: the use of Geogebra and the CAS Maple, Francisco Regis Vieira Alves

Pre-service Primary School Teachers’ Logical Reasoning Skills, Iuliana Marchis

On a Equation in Finite Algebraically Structures, Dumitru Vălcan