Volume 5 Number 4

Published: 30 December 2012

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Marchis




UK School Students’ Attitudes Towards Science And Potential Science-Based Careers, Emelia L White, Timothy G Harrison

Multimedia Principle in Teaching Lessons, Khayrazad Kari Jabbour

Mathematics and Multilingualism – Where Imigrant Pupils Succeed, Maria Bengtsson

EFL Learners Perceptions and Attitudes Towards English for The Specific Purposes, Mahmut Uğur Arslan, Azamat Akbarov

Creating Climate Change Awareness in South African Schools Through Practical Chemistry Demonstrations, Suthananda N Sunassee, Ryan M Young, Joyce D Sewry, Timothy G Harrison, Dudley E Shallcross

Social and Cultural Factors That Effect University Women Managers, Hasan Arslan, Helena Maria Sabo, Neşe Ayşin Siyli

Contribution of Socio-Emotional Development Game to Social Integration of Young Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds, Maria Claudia Cuc, Simona Macarie

A Method to Determine of All Non-Isomorphic Groups of Order 16, Dumitru Vălcan