Volume 5 Number 3

Published: 30 November 2012

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Marchis




Examining Self Regulated Learning in Relation to Certain Selected Variables, N. Johnson

An investigation of students’ difficulties to create a blackboard sketch for the lesson: Table of multiplication by two, Ioana Magdaş

The study of drawing and painting abilities in preschool children, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Mihai-Bogdan Iovu, Andreea Rus

Students Preference on Perceptual Learning Style, Nudžejma Obralić, Azamat Akbarov

PISA Assessment: the problematic issue of administrating PISA science literacy survey to ultra-orthodox pupils in Israel, 2006, Sara Zamir, Helena Sabo

Non-routine problems in primary mathematics workbooks from Romania, Iuliana Marchis

Practical development of modern mass media education in Poland, Alexander Fedorov

Developing written text production competence using the reader-response method, Paraschiva Demény

The study of the role of working memory in the teaching of text-based problems, Ileana Máté