Volume 5 Number 1

Published: 25 April 2012

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Marchis




Investigating and communicating technology mathematics problem solving experience of two preservice teachers, Ana Kuzle

Creative Tiling: A Story of 1000-and-1 Curves, Nasir Al-Darwish

An Analysis of the New 9- Year Basic Education Mathematics Curriculum in Nigeria, Adeneye O. A. Awofala

Educational Software for Interactive Training of Students on the Theme “Mutual Intersecting of Pyramids and Prisms in Axonometry, Samet Karaibryamov, Bistra Tsareva, Boyan Zlatanov

A Research of the Effect of Attitude, Achievement, and Gender on Mathematic Education, Hasan Arslan, Murat Çanlı, Helena Maria Sabo

The Contemporary Mass Media Education in Russia: In Search for New Theoretical Conceptions and Models, Alexander Fedorov

Investigating the Relationships between Teaching Strategies and Learning Styles in Higher Education, Cristina Tulbure

Stuttering-psycholinguistic approach, Carolina Bodea Haţegan, Maria Anca, Lăcrămioara Prihoi