Volume 3 Number 3

Published: 30 September 2010

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Marchis




The formation of shadows: the case of the position of a light source in relevance to the shadow, Konstantinos Ravanis, Konstantinos Zacharos, Angeliki Vellopoulou

The 8th and 9th Grades School Students’ Attitude towards the Teaching and Learning Physics, Monica Stefan, Florentina Ciomoş

What Value has Chemistry Outreach by a University department to secondary schools? Teacher Perceptions of Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Event, A. J. Shaw, T. G. Harrison, D.E. Shallcross

E-Learning Education of Educational Technologies in Full-Time and Combined Studies, Ingrid Nagyová

Learner errors and misconceptions in elementary analysis: A case study of a grade 12 class in South Africa, Kakoma Luneta, Paul J. Makonye

Secondary school pupils’ self-regulated learning skills, Iuliana Marchis, Timea Balogh

Physical Activity, Exercise, And Nutrition Interventions For Weight Control In African American Women, Matthew Asare, Manoj Sharma

Media Education Practices in Teacher Training, Alexander Fedorov