Published in volume 3 number 1, 27 March 2010


Creating presentations on ICT classes

Iuliana Marchis, Babes-Bolyai University (Romania)


Abstract. The article focuses on the creation of presentations on ICT classes. The first part highlights the most important steps when creating a presentation. The main idea is, that the computer presentation shouldn’t consist only from the technological part, i.e. the editing of the presentation in a computer program. There are many steps before and after this, and these are presented in the article. In the second part of the article the work of first year students is analyzed. These students were asked to write an essay on a computer related topic of their choice, to make a presentation and give a talk based on their essay.

Key words: ICT teaching, computer presentation, communication


Received 15 March 2010, accepted 25 March 2010

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