Published in volume 3 number 1, 27 March 2010


Determinants of safer sex behaviors among college students

Amar Kanekar, University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Manoj Sharma, University of Cincinnati (USA)



Abstract. Safer sex behaviors (monogamy, sexual abstinence, correct and consistent condom usage) are important for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS among college students. The purpose of this article was to review studies addressing determinants of safer sex behaviors among college students. In order to collect materials for this study a search of seven databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, ERIC, Academic Search Premier, Scopus, Web of Science, Social Sciences Citation Index) was conducted for the time period 1990-2008. A total of 12 studies for determinants of safer sex behaviors were extracted. Alcohol usage, religiosity, barriers to condom use and perceived social norms were some of the determinants of safer sex behaviors. Recommendations for developing safer sex interventions in college students are presented.

Key words: Safer sex, college students, determinants, monogamy.


Received 1 March 2010, accepted 14 March 2010

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