Volume 3 Number 1

Published: 27 March 2010

Responsible Editor: Iuliana Marchis



Biology school textbooks and their role for students success in learning sciences, Irina Pop-Păcurar, Liliana Ciascai

Brief science performance evaluation on 8th grade students, Gabriela Mocanu

University-School partnerships: Polymer Chemistry days run at a University for 14-15 year olds and their impact on attitudes to Science, Amanda J. Shaw, Timothy G. Harrison, Marcus I. Medley, Linda Sellou, Karen L. Shallcross, Susan J. Williams, Steve J Croker, Dudley E Shallcross

Determinants of safer sex behaviors among college students, Amar Kanekar, Manoj Sharma

Components of Self-regulated Learning; Implications for School Performance, Codruţa Mih, Viorel Mih

Analysis and assessment of studentsí competency to explain geographical processes, Maria-Eliza Dulamă, Diana-Elena Alexandru

Creating presentations on ICT classes, Iuliana Marchis

A rubric to self-assess and peer-assess mathematical problem solving tasks of college students, Gunawardena Egodawatte