Published online – will be included in Volume 14 number 1

Published: 30 December 2020

Responsible Editor: Iuliana ZSOLDOS-MARCHIS





Fatma MUTLU (Turkey), Oğuzhan NACAROĞLU (Turkey), Mustafa DOĞAN (Turkey), Awareness of the Gifted Students and Their Normally Developing Peers about Environmental Education Concepts, 2-16,

Mustafa EROL (Turkey), Determination of 5th-Grade Students Strategies in Comparing Fractions, 17-28,

Tuba OZKAN (Turkey), Elıf KILICOGLU (Turkey), Reflections of Authentic Learning on Students' Scientific Process Skills and Achievements in Mathematics, 29-45,

Sare ŞENGÜL (Turkey), Çiğdem ŞATIR ALTINEL (Turkey), The Examination of Argumentation Based Problem Solving Processes of 10th Grade Students in the Context of Quadratic Equations, 46-63,

Kinga KOVÁCSNÉ PUSZTAI (Hungary), Evaluation of Project-Based Learning, 64-75,

Bedriye ALTAYLAR (Turkey), Sibel KAZAK (Turkey), The effect of Realistic Mathematics Education on sixth grade students’ statistical thinking, 76-90,

Sema ACAR (Turkey), Bilge PEKER (Turkey), What are the Purposes of Teachers for Using the eTwinning Platform and the Effects of the Platform on Teachers?. 91-103,