Volume 11 Number 2

Published: 19 July2018

Responsible Editors: Ioana Magdaș and Iuliana Zsoldos-Marchiș




Content and (English) language integrated learning (CLIL) applied to math lessons, Azamat Akbarov (Kazakhstan), Kemal Gönen (Saudia Arabia), Hakan Aydoğan (Turkey), 1-10

Primary School Teachers’ Opinion on Mathematical Aptitudes of Students, Ioana Magdaş (Romania), Claudia Alexandrina Sale (Romania), 11-26

The Knowledge Quartet in the Light of the Literature on Subject Matter and Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Semiha Kula Ünver (Turkey), 27-42

Student’s Attitudes Towards Probability and Statistics and Academic Achievement on Higher Education, Ailton Paulo de Oliveira Júnior (Brazil), Pedro Rosental Zamora (Brazil), Lucas Azevedo de Oliveira (Brazil), Thiago Costa de Souza (Brazil), 43-56

Comparıson of the actıvıtıes in Turkısh lıfe scıences course books: actıvıty suggestıons by teachers, Nur Ütkür (Turkey), 57-70.

Utilisation of Rasch model for the analysis of an instrument developed by mapping items to cognitive levels of Marzano taxonomy, Roxana S. Timofte (Romania), Laura Siminiciuc (Romania), 71-78

Mathematics Attitudes and Academic Self-Concepts of Gifted and Talented Students, Yasemin Deringöl (Turkey), 79-88

Investigating Changes in Mathematics Teachers’ Intentions Regarding Web 2.0 Technology Integration, Ümit Kul (Turkey), Sedef Çelik (Turkey), 89-104

The Professional Didactics (PD) and Didactics of Sciences (DS) in Brazil: some implications for the professionalization of the science teacher, Francisco Regis Vieira Alves (Brazil), 105-120

The Impact of Teaching Geometric Locus Problems in a Computer-Assisted Environment on the Metacognitive Awareness of Preservice Teachers, Serdal Baltaci (Turkey), 121-134

Subjective vs. Objective Measures of English Proficieny in a Sample of Turkish Students, Hakan Aydoğan (Turkey), Azamat Akbarov (Kazakhstan), 135-142

Examination of Prospective Mathematics Teachers' Skills of Interpreting Algebraic Formulae, Meltem Koçak (Turkey), Yasin Soylu (Turkey), 143-169